We help companies embrace sustainable development and a circular economy

The SOGESA team
We support companies on the path towards sustainability thanks to our expertise and experience.
We offer advanced solutions and innovative tools in relation to sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and integrated management systems
Sustainable development
We work with clients to improve business processes and achieve sustainable development goals
Risk Management
We identify and evaluate specific risks for individual companies to reduce their impact and find the best management solutions for them.


Growing attention to environmental and social topics requires companies to implement strategies through policies that go beyond traditional business models and that are inspired by sustainable development and the principles of a circular economy.

The belief that the proper management of environmental topics is a great opportunity and an important competitive strength  is the most important message we hope to convey to the companies we work with.

The SOGESA team supports businesses through this process, offering them the expertise and experience we have gained by implementing complex and innovative projects for leading national and international companies, research agencies, and local and national public sector bodies.

Our team provides clients with advanced solutions and innovative tools in relation to sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and integrated management and risk management systems. We also possess technical and legal expertise, in addition to indispensable management and communication skills.

We provide a comprehensive service

We have implemented a Quality Management System that are compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015. We use this to express our commitment to business practices that combine the pursuit of excellence with a respect for fundamental values, such as professionalism, honesty and dedication to the pursuit of our clients’ objectives. Quality Policy


 We believe that the value we generate for our clients can and must represent a benefit for the wider community. These motivations drive us to work as a team and combine our experience, personal characteristics, and professional and organisational skills.

Our Code of Ethics

We share values and commitment in a Code of Ethics and Sustainability that represents and unites us. We uphold these ideals as people and as professionals, with the desire to convey integrity, honesty and the ability to collaborate towards a common goal to our community and our partners.

We believe in the strength generated by people who work together,  but we also believe in individual experiences, the ability to find solutions and, above all, the relationships we forge with our clients, who become partners with whom we engage in the mutual exchange of skills.

Senior Management

SOGESA Consulting was established by two founding partners, Stefano Dionisio and Pierluigi Pireddu, who gained experience working with leading companies, international consulting firms, public bodies and as freelance professionals before deciding to join forces to offer clients timely and effective assistance, and a consultancy service that would allow them to tackle new challenges requiring a proper approach to sustainable development.




Sole Director and Founding Partner

Stefano is a founding member of SOGESA Consulting and an expert in environmental management and integrated systems. He has experience managing corporate social responsibility and business sustainability projects and has developed specific tools for environmental accounting and reporting. He has participated in EIAs, SEAs and Local Agenda 21 projects and has over twenty years’ experience in compliance and audit systems, due diligence, and risk assessments. Stefano is also an expert and accredited verifier of emissions trading and 231 models. After conducting research at the University of Rome and the Ravenna Petrochemical Hub, Stefano worked in the environmental and safety offices of chemical and petrochemical companies for several years, after which he completed an intensive stint at the Ministry of the Environment, where he gave his technical support to different topics such as clean technologies, environmental taxes, and eco-audit schemes as the Head of the Research Department. He first dipped a toe into the field of consultancy back in 1993, when he established and managed the Environment, Quality and Safety Department for Ernst & Young Italy in the role of partner. He left the company in 2006 to found SOGESA Consulting together with other partners.

Stefano Dionisio


Technical Director and Founding Partner

Pierluigi is a founding partner of SOGESA Consulting and an expert in managing environmental and energy topics for companies operating in several leading sectors (e.g. refining, petrochemical, ferrous and non-ferrous steel, energy, food, and large-scale distribution), where he developed significant skills over about 30 years, especially in the field of emissions trading and risk assessment regulations. Pierluigi. He started his career at an engineering company in Cagliari before working as a freelance professional in partnership with the Italian Trade Association. He subsequently worked for Ernst & Young Italy for over 10 years before co-founding SOGESA Consulting in 2006. He oversees projects to develop environmental and energy management systems, including integrated systems. He also conducts risk assessment programmes and sets up monitoring and reporting systems for CO2 emissions. He has a long lasting expertise in defining and implementing regional development plans in line with the Agenda 21 principles and in conducting energy audits.

Pierluigi Pireddu


Head of the Milan Office

Luca is a chemical engineer with over twenty years’ experience as a consultant on workplace environments and safety for the private, industry, services, and public sectors. He worked as senior consultant and later as a manager in the Environment, Quality and Safety Department at Ernst & Young Italy, where he gained specific skills in integrated quality, environment and safety management systems, and in the fields of due diligence, climate change, and sustainability. He has collaborated with SOGESA Consulting since 2009 and oversees the implementation of CO2 M&R systems, the design of integrated quality, environment and safety management systems and EMAS Regulations, compliance verifications, risk analysis, and the implementation of 231 organisational models. He is qualified to fulfil the role of Occupational Health and Safety Manager and is a qualified auditor for the verification of CO2 emissions pursuant to Directive 2003/87/EC.

Luca Marzani

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