The Green Deal is an integral part of the EU Commission’s strategy to implement the 2030 Agenda and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The deal seeks to place sustainability and citizens’ well-being at the heart of economic policy. Making development goals sustainable is the core of EU policy-making and initiatives in all sectors.
The production and use of energy in various economic sectors account for more than 75% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions and as such, further actions will be taken to decarbonise the energy system in order to reach the 2030 and 2050 climate targets.
In this context, managing energy supplies represents a particularly complex challenge for companies. Besides concerning technical aspects, such as the implementation of energy audits and the definition of consumption reduction and energy source diversification plans, the process involves financial and strategic aspects relating to the impact of direct and indirect energy costs related in particular to logistics management.
SOGESA offers expert advice to companies looking to seize on all opportunities to mitigate economic and financial impact while complying with legislative obligations.

The services offered by SOGESA Consulting in this area include: