Hand in Hand

SOGESA has established partnerships with several consultancy and professional firms and engages in ongoing collaborations with professionals operating in various sectors in order to provide clients with a comprehensive, expert service.

Our Partners


SENDECO2 is one of the first European companies to specialise in the trading of CO2 emissions permits. SENDECO2 was founded in Barcelona in 2004 and is the brainchild of leading companies in the environmental and financial sectors. Its aim is to provide a safe and efficient means of accessing the market. SENDECO2 offers consultancy services and personalised, comprehensive management services for credit portfolios deriving from participation in the main environmental markets.

Aware that our services complement each other, we have established a partnership with SENDECO2 to provide a comprehensive service that allows Italian companies involved in ETS legislation to handle the mechanisms related to technical process management authorisations for monitoring and reporting on CO2 emissions. In addition, the partnership allows companies to operate on the ETS securities market, while limiting costs and making the most of the opportunities that come with taking a proactive approach.

Aristeia Risk Consulting

Aristeia Risk Consulting was founded in 2013 by two established professionals in the business consultancy world. Aristeia is an innovative company that combines top-level skills and expertise in the risk consultancy sector with a versatile structure that is modelled on client needs.

Aristeia’s core sectors include corporate governance and risk management, compliance (Legislative Decree 231/2001, Law 262/2005, the Sarbanes Oxley Act, and more), internal auditing, forensic accounting, and corporate social responsibility. Its main service areas are risk consulting and process reengineering (organisation services and business processes, ICT, management systems, and management control training).