Emission trading scheme

Managing obligations relating to the EU’s emissions trading legislation (Directive 2003/87/EC) to combat climate change is a particularly complex task for companies. Besides involving various technical aspects (such as the implementation and maintenance of CO2 monitoring and reporting systems) and administrative ones (such as the need to obtain authorisation for plant modifications and to submit requests for additional allowances for new or upgraded plants), the directive also has financial and strategic implications. Companies often require assistance with carbon allowances, or to define carbon strategies and to optimise carbon assets management during purchase or transfer transactions.

SOGESA offers expert advice (thanks also to the company's support role at the Ministry of the Environment since 2004) to companies that need to comply with legislative obligations, that want to seize on potential opportunities arising from the CO2 allowance market, or that are looking to mitigate economic or financial impacts.

The services offered by SOGESA Consulting in this area include: